Selection of Companies & Projects


New Media Services Pty. Ltd. is the leader in managing communications and content of consumers through SMS, EMAIL and VOICE SOLUTIONS using cloud based LOOP platform.

Together Networks Labs

Company unites top-tier dating businesses worldwide, reinforcing joint performance with direct collaboration, sophisticated marketing solutions and exceptional audience engagement. The company was incorporated in 2013 and counts 1500 employees. Together Networks biggest amount of customers come from the US, Canada, UK, Australia, France, New Zealand, Ireland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Italy, Austria, Poland, Switzerland, and Brazil. Nowadays with 130 million member base across 45 countries on 4 continents (around 60% of all customer are monthly active) Together Networks is one of the biggest dating known company in the World. Together Networks Labs project was responsible for: launching and promoting new niche brands (60 niche brands were launched during this time - dating for Asians, Black, Latinos; dating for LGBT; dating for millennials; dating for 35+; dating for 60+; dating for fishing/cycling/hiking etc. lovers etc.), iOS/Android phone and tablets apps launching for each brand (around 100 in total), new countries launching (25 new countries were launched), business models experiments (each year official public KPI to grow the business was successfully delivered by +25% growth in revenue and profit annually).

Noosphere Ventures

Noosphere Ventures is an international asset management firm, with the strategic vision and capital to transform high-potential companies into definitive market leaders. The company sees its goal in changing the landscape of the current digital economy by saturating it with the highly profitable companies.

Founded in 2012 and headquartered in Menlo Park, California, USA, Noosphere primary operates in Western/Eastern Europe and Asia. The Noosphere portfolio reports over $500 million in revenue and, collectively, has more than 2,000 individuals contributing to the common success. Noosphere believes in the power of the Noosphere: the ability of humans to fundamentally change the world around them through their knowledge and technology.


Chargies is a free one-bit instant messenger for mobiles. Company has raised $100k for business idea validation. App has attracted 25k active users and after certain time was paused.

Ready-to-wear one of top Ukrainian fashion industry brands. Company was launched on Angels investments costs and attracted the most talented people in the industry to work on it. The goal of the brand is to create high quality made of only natural fabrics clothes which can be sold by affordable prices. 


IamOn, INC. develops a platform that helps people find the right contractor based on the clients criteria. Its platform enables users to find various types of service professionals, such as car wash on demand, handyman, and cleaning services.

Company managed to get around 5k daily free visitors. IamON was sold successfully for $250k to Noosphere Ventures, afterward project was incorporated with another business under another brand name.


Adult Friend Finder is the world’s 1st adult dating site which holds “#1 Adult Dating site” status  with over 400 millions of members worldwide, more than $110 millions in revenue per year and with 100+ employees globally. 


YOLA is a free website builder and website hosting company headquartered in San Francisco and founded in 2007 in Cape Town. Company managed to close couple rounds with overall investments over $70M. There are 15M monthly active users (Small and Medium Businesses) and 100+ employees in the various offices.

Company was awarded with numerous awards and honors such as: Fast 50 Reader Favorites, Industry Standard 100 Award, Webber’s Gold Award, R.E.C.S.S Support awards (3 years in the row).


THYNC is the first consumer health solution for lowering stress and anxiety with the help of bioelectronic device, neuromodulation and bioelectronics.

Total funding - $13M, team - 25 people, active daily users - 10k+.

THYNC holds next patents: Transdermal neurostimulator adapted to reduce capacitive build-up (Patent number: 9474891), Methods for user control of neurostimulation to modify a cognitive state (Patent number: 9399126), Methods and apparatuses for control of a wearable transdermal neurostimulator to apply ensemble waveforms (Patent number: 9393430), Wearable transdermal neurostimulator having cantilevered attachment (Patent number: 9393401), Electrode assembly for transdermal and transcranial stimulation (Patent number: D785186), Electrode assembly for a wearable transdermal and transcranial neurostimulator (Patent number: D787686).

Awards: 2017 Wearable gamechanger; Health and Wellbeing Tech of the Year (2015, 2016, 2017) by and Curry PC World.


Cupid plc is one of TOP-5 dating sites in the world with over 120 millions of members, 8M+ monthly unique visitors, 600 employees and 10 offices in different locations globally. Company’s revenue is $100+ millions per year.

Cupid plc was the owner and operator of multiple high-volume online dating websites, covering the range from mainstream to niche audiences. The full network of websites is available worldwide in a variety of languages, and with more than 100 million users, 15M+ monthly unique visitors, 600 employees and 10 offices in different locations globally. Company’s revenue is $100+ millions per year. As is customary among all internet dating companies, all of their products are available across multiple devices (web, mobile, Android, iOS) and platforms (on web browsers, within Facebook).


Yukoono connects mobile phones, computers and televisions with a unified user interface, creating a seamless entertainment, information and communication experience. Content is organized as "applications" for quick and easy access.

Yukoono was a revolutionary technology which was acquired by Panasonic in 2010 (deal is under non-disclosure agreement). Technology developed by Yukoono was used on all Panasonic TVs which were produced for European market which was around of 6,2% of all Global LCD TV market share and around 5 billion U.S. dollars in annual revenue.


Procter & Gamble is an American multinational consumer goods corporation headquartered in downtown Cincinnati. P&G has 121,000 employees worldwide, representing over 140 nationalities with about a quarter working across 17 Western European countries.